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Pickled Radishes

When we had friends over for dinner recently, there was a request for ‘no onion’. That’s a fairly simple request to accommodate however there was a particular salad I wanted to make which featured red onions. I saw some radishes in the market and decided they would make a good substitute from a colour and… Read more

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Pickled Broccoli Stalks – Waste Not Want Not

I have previously written about Mr Tiffin’s adoration of broccoli and the mounds that are eaten in our house every week. To deal with the excess stalks, I shared a clever idea for making a thrifty Broccoli Soup from stalks straight out of the freezer. With the weather warming up though, I decided I needed a… Read more

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A Walking Food Tour of the East Village, NYC

So much food, so little insider knowledge… When you head to a new country or city, you naturally want to enjoy the sights that people have been raving about but you also want to find the hidden gems. Sometimes they are hard to locate or opinion is divided about the best example. It’s no different… Read more

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