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Eurovision 2014 – This is Camp Hill Calling

Where did that year go? This time last year we were having a Eurovision sleep over in Witta, watching as the votes inevitably tallied in favour of Denmark. I say inevitably as I had drawn Denmark out of the hat and had the sweet experience of my country winning Eurovision 2013 mixed with the bitter responsibility… Read more

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Solstice Pear & Prune Pies – SABH

I hate making pastry!  Baking is made up of two schools. Those who are born into a dynasty of bakers who have been turning out buttery flans, light as a feather sponges and scones worthy of CWA approval since Eve was a girl. As wee things, they stood on a stool at the kitchen bench… Read more

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About That Curried Scallop Pie…..

You may recall that last week, I bought a Curried Scallop Pie at the Wednesday Farmer’s Markets. It was my ‘kick up my heels’ treat on State of Origin night. Following the directions to the letter (not always easy for me, as you know), I popped the pie into the oven to heat.Whilst I was… Read more

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