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¡Hola! Roasted Sweetcorn Popsicle Recipe

TIFFIN’s been a bit quiet this week as I was preparing for the Gastronauts Supper Club, that was held at my house last night.  There were a few posts that I thought about writing but I didn’t want to give away my surprises to those who may be dining on the night. Gastronauts is a… Read more

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Astrid & Gaston – Lima, Peru

‘When are you going to do the post on Astrid y Gaston?’ my partners in crime have been asking.  Today.Astrid y Gaston has never been high on my list of ‘must go’ destinations. In fact, I’d never heard of it but when @foodbling recommended  a night to remember in Lima, I started researching. As it… Read more

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A Pisco Sour at Taberna de Don Jaime

A few months ago we were having drinks at a bar in Teneriffe, Brisbane and decided to order a Pisco Sour in preparation for our South American adventures. In a Fawlty Towers-esque moment the waiter advised ‘Sorry, we’re all out of Piscos (sic)’.  So the Pisco remained elusive, despite my very good attempt to recreate… Read more

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