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In My Kitchen… November 2018

This November is a busy month in at Tiffin HQ. There are a couple of birthdays, including a milestone birthday for Mr Tiffin and a holiday in store. I know, I know… I just came back from Europe but we are off to Chiang Mai for Mr Tiffin’s 50th. If there is one thing I… Read more

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Lunch Sized Adventures – Rising to the Occasion

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a Lunch Sized Adventure but of late, there’s been a proliferation of openings in the back streets of Newstead which has offered up some lunch time options.  There’s been lots of chatter about Chester St Bakery & Bar, run by the same clever people who own Limes Hotel… Read more

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The Italian Job

There are times when you have a magical meal experience that lives long in your memory and equally long on your credit card. Then there are other times when you’re looking for a more budget friendly option. It could be a big family get together where food is secondary to catching up or, a quick bite… Read more

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