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I could be wrong, I could be right

A throw away comment at the end of the Eurovision party saw a small group of us recovening on a Friday evening at Public.  It’s been on the list for a while, not the least because my husband and many of my friends work in the same building.  I wish I had a bar below… Read more

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Worth the Buyer’s Premium

The crowd, the crowd!The ‘Premium’ being that dreaded wait for a table.  We’d walked to Auctions Rooms from the CBD and on approach, we could see a crowd outside.  On this Melbourne adventure, I had a partner in crime and my solo dining theory (no waiting, tables always available for one) had to be parked… Read more

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Lunch Sized Adventures – Little Saigon Grill

*** THIS VENUE HAS NOW CLOSED *** One of the things that I missed most when we were travelling in Europe were Asian flavours.  After only 2 months in Birmingham, I was so desperate that we hunted out the very small Chinatown for some smoky Char Kway Teow and Salt & Pepper Calamari.  In Berlin… Read more

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Medusa Dining – Bardon

Blog PhotogI’ve been blogging for a while now so I’m happy to have slowly worked my way into the Food Blogger’s circle and all that it has to offer  On this occasion, it was an invitation to a Food Blogger’s Dinner at Medusa Dining in Bardon, to celebrate their Spring Menu (listed at the bottom).Medusa… Read more

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What I Had For Lunch Today – Czech It Out

I went on a 3 hour walking tour of Prague today so I was after something a little more substantial than a sandwich for lunch.  We found a pub close to our hotel in the Old Town (not difficult in Prague) with a cheery motif of axemen and torture, the Pivnice U Kata.  We grabbed… Read more

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Sign of the Times – Staples

With all of this wandering, I see lots of really great signs for shops, providores and specialist artisans.  Some are big and others small, some are quirky whilst others get straight to the point.  Some are just plain weird.In what I think will be a continuing series, here is my first selection featuring the basics… Read more

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The Horned Woman Restaurant @ The Greyhound Inn

Plans for the day were revised once we woke to a light dusting of snow and sought adventure closer to home, rather than drive on the icy roads.  Sunday lunch at The Greyhound Inn in Saughall was the choice, within walking distance of the house and recommended by several neighbours.  The pub was busy and… Read more

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