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Apple Scrap Jelly Recipe – Waste Not, Want Not

A while ago we visited Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. In addition to being Queensland’s premiere wine growing region, the cool climate means the area is also well known for fruit growing and in particular, apples. We returned to Brisbane with a mixed case of local apples. Apart from eating the apples as is, one… Read more

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Blueberry Friands for Paper Giants – SABH

I was getting a little worried about this month’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop. I’ve got a lot on my plate for the rest of the month but still wanted to join in. Luckily, the public holiday fairy was watching over me, providing a little more breathing space by throwing in an Ekka holiday mid-week. The… Read more

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Cleaning out the Pantry – Moroccan Lamb Soup

Every day I have a good (or bad) meal or visit a bistro or shop and I think ‘Oooh…I should blog this’. Then I go home and have a million other things to do and ask myself ‘Do people really want to read about what I cooked for dinner last night?’ Then I get an… Read more

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Fiona Channels Maggie Channels Elizabeth

Before we talk about the great recipe below, a word about the Cook and the Chef. You may have fallen out of love with it, started to find it a bit pedestrian or come to rely on it being there.Watch Out! This is the last season for Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer. Whilst Simon is… Read more

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Fit For A Queen’s Birthday

After a leisurely weekend of camping at Wivenhoe Dam, I came home with far too much food that should have been consumed over the weekend but wasn’t – due to Bronlynn’s and my reputation for never knowingly under catering. I had more than a few items that had been exposed to minimal refrigeration and were… Read more

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