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I’ve only ever had one tomato sauce in my house. Rosella Tomato Sauce. I have Rosella in my house because that’s what my Mum has always had in her’s. It’s what I grew up with. It’s not that I have tomato sauce on every meal but when I do have sauce, I want it to… Read more

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The Whispering Land – Chimichurri Sauce

Gerald Durrell is one of my favourite authors.  The books tell of his adventures around the world collecting, capturing and nurturing animals first for other zoos and then for his own. His use of language to paint captivating scenes and amusing anecdotes is masterful and wherever I go in the world, I often recollect tales… Read more

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It’s Cherry Season! Spicy Cherry Sauce

Cherries and Summer are interchangeable words. They remind us that Christmas is on the way and that there are plenty of long, hot, lazy days ahead to enjoy these sweet, juicy treats.  I have fond memories of Summer 2010 in France, buying a kilo of cherries from the front door of a local and heading… Read more

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