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A Great Cure All

‘Setting his coarse feeding and slovenly habits out of the question, there is no domestic animal so profitable or so useful to man as the much maligned pig, or any that yields him a more varied or more luxurious repast’ Isabella Beeton, Book of Household Management 1861 I had seen a mysterious ad in Map… Read more

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Well what do you know…. it’s Random Recipes time again! This month Dom from Belleau Kitchen has set the challenge ‘Store Cupboard Finds’. Delve way, way back into the recesses of the cupboard and finally use that impulsive purchase that has been lurking there for months and possibly years. After liberating said item from the… Read more

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Ich Bin Ein Berliner – Currywurst

Yes, Currywurst can truly call itself a Berliner – not a doughnut but a sausage treat that seems to only appear within the confines of the Berlin City Limits.I hadn’t heard of Currywurst and thought it may be some type of German sausage that included a curry flavoured filling.  It is in fact a grilled… Read more

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