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International Scone Week 2016 coincides nicely with a recent dilemma I have been having. That of, excess pumpkin. Pumpkins are well and truly in season so it’s not uncommon to arrive at work to pumpkins sitting in the kitchen with a ‘please take me’ sign. If you do take a whole pumpkin, then there is… Read more

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In My Kitchen… April 2016

What a time it’s been. After a log period of renovating, we went on a short holiday to Bali to recharge the batteries. Whilst we were re-charging, the batteries in our smoke alarms were going flat. We returned home at 3am on a Friday morning to find the alarms chirping. Who doesn’t love to be… Read more

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I really missed Random Recipes in September as Dom from Belleau Kitchen took a mini break. He obviously spent that time concocting one of his more difficult RRs for us.  This time, the theme is ‘local ingredient’. That might seem easy but it can be a little tricky. Is local, ‘Must be from the neighbourhood’? Cue… Read more

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Gem Scones – perfect for a rainy Sunday

I’ve always been curious about Gem Scones. Ever since I saw a recipe for Gem Scones dipped in jelly and rolled in coconut in one of my Mum’s old cook books, I wanted to know more.  How does the cast iron pan known as a ‘Gem Iron’, work? Do the scones come out of the… Read more

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