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George’s Paragon – Keeping The Crowds Happy

George’s Paragon is well known throughout Queensland and beyond. Chances are that if you’ve visited Sanctuary Cove, you’ve eaten at George’s Paragon. A big restaurant with an even bigger menu that keeps the punters happy by offering almost all of its meals at half price for early bird diners. It’s such a successful model that George’s… Read more

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Shoreline Restaurant – Sea World Resort

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Sea World. With the kids all grown up, there’s not much reason to visit that part of the Gold Coast nowadays. I’m so out of touch I thought the resort was called still Nara Resort but that was a lifetime and a lot of Japanese tourists… Read more

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South Bank Surf Club

You know how it is. You go to Expo 88 and eat your way through the pavilions with alarming regularity and then, you barely set foot in a restaurant in the revitalised South Bank Parklands site over the following 30 years. Sure, I’ve nibbled around the edges of Little Stanley St and chomped on the… Read more

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Croatian & Bosnian Food – Not For Vegetarians!

Here I am in Croatia and I barely have time to post anything between maintaining my two gelati a day habit formed since this heatwave began in Italy and stuffing my face with every type of sheep cheese you can think of.  One thing is for sure, like most of Europe and the Balkans (and… Read more

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Mercat Boqueria – Barcelona

  Access to the internet has been a little problematic and unfortunately, TIFFIN has had to take a back seat. A week or so ago I made a pilgrimage to one of the best Markets in Spain, the Mercat Boqueria on La Rambla in Barcelona. No doubt many of you have visited before and I’m… Read more

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The Seafood Restaurant – Padstow, Cornwall

We drove down into Padstow, no doubt once a sleepy fishing village until Rick Stein came along and bought up the town. He owns The Seafood Restaurant, St Petrocs Bistro, Stein’s Patisseries, Rick Stein’s Café, Stein’s Fish & Chip shop, a Deli, a Gift Shop and a Seafood Cooking School. Add to that several B&Bs… Read more

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