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In My Kitchen… November 2013

In my November kitchen……is more coffee! Produced in South Australia, we received these packets of Kommon Grounds when we went on a Coffee Crawl during the Adelaide Food Festival earlier in the year. The crawl was led by Kommon Grounds owner Dorcen, looking just like his flat cap logo. Nothing screams fun like 6 espressos… Read more

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In My Kitchen… October 2013

In my October kitchen is……the first shallot I have ever grown. Actually, it’s a spring onion or eschallot but in Australia, we call them shallots.  Confusingly, we call real shallots, shallots too! I picked up a couple of seedlings at Crop Swap earlier in the year and planted them in amongst the herbs. It was… Read more

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Strawberry & Rosemary Shrub

‘Would you like a Rum & Shrub?’ Aunty Marjorie enquired. ‘A Rum & What?’ I said. ‘A Rum & Shrub’ ‘What’s a shrub?’ I asked. ‘A shrub is well….a shrub…a drink.’  ‘I’ve never heard of it. Is it a shrub and you add rum or is it an all in one?’ ‘It’s a shrub’ she… Read more

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