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Peru – A Nation of Snackers

I wrote earlier about how much Limeans enjoy snacking.  This trend has continued on through Peru where every couple of hundred metres there’s a mobile vendor selling packaged drinks and snacks as well as more enterprising locals, selling whatever’s available.  In bigger towns and cities, vendors are licenced and take great pride on keeping their… Read more

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Do Yourself a Fava

Tribute to Molly Meldrum?  No, just a lame pun of the words Fava Bean.  A few weeks back, I was doing my usual ‘Plane lands in Canberra at 6.30pm, shop for the same 10 grocery items in Dickson Woolies by 7pm’ routine when I spied ‘Fava Nuts’.  I thought ‘Hey, why not treat yourself and… Read more

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Tiffin at the Club – That’s ‘At’ not ‘In’

What Club, I hear you ask?  The Club I seem to have spent most of my most time in.  Not Mannequin’s Partyhouse at the old Treasury Hotel as you may think, but the Qantas Club.  I travel a lot for work and  consequently spend a lot of time in the QC.  I know all of… Read more

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