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In My Kitchen… November 2018

This November is a busy month in at Tiffin HQ. There are a couple of birthdays, including a milestone birthday for Mr Tiffin and a holiday in store. I know, I know… I just came back from Europe but we are off to Chiang Mai for Mr Tiffin’s 50th. If there is one thing I… Read more

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Spicy Cashew Love Cake – SABH

Yep – it’s that time of the month again. Another Sweet Adventures Blog Hop has rolled around and this time the theme is ‘Nut’s about Sweets’ hosted by Nic from the fabulously named ‘Dining with a Stud’. I love, love, love nuts. I eat a handful of raw nuts every afternoon as a tasty, low… Read more

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MasterChef MasterStoke

Many of you would know that I spend a lot of time in airport lounges around the country and am well known for picking up anything that is not nailed down.  I recently acquired a copy of MasterChef Magazine – something I hadn’t seen as it started being published whilst I was overseas.The magazine was… Read more

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Stocking Up

After 18 months travelling, the cupboard was completely bare.  In an effort to start as I mean to go on, I have only been buying items ‘as needed’.  Slowly though, the desire to have just the right spice or herb, noodle or sauce has worn me down and it all came to a head when… Read more

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