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The Jetty South Bank

#BrisbaneAnyDay is the marketing phrase of Brisbane Tourism. It’s not the catchiest slogan in the world but is does define how I felt sitting at The Jetty restaurant in South Bank last weekend. A gloriously sunny day, ferries hopping across the river, families riding past on bikes and Segways, summer sounds from the amphitheatre, the… Read more

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Love an Adventure

A few weeks ago I was invited* to check out the new Garden Grille menu at The Glen Hotel in Eight Mile Plains. Ahhh…..The Glen. I have fond memories of it. Just down the road from my parent’s house, it was where I went to my first pub concert. Not my first concert mind you… Read more

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In the Dragon’s Lair

I grew up not far from Sunnybank when it still had the vestiges of market gardens and was on a sleepy street called Mains Rd that ended literally in a dead end at the Mt Gravatt Cemetary.  I recall collecting pecans that had fallen from the trees standing in the vacant lot behind the new… Read more

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The Seafood Restaurant – Padstow, Cornwall

We drove down into Padstow, no doubt once a sleepy fishing village until Rick Stein came along and bought up the town. He owns The Seafood Restaurant, St Petrocs Bistro, Stein’s Patisseries, Rick Stein’s Café, Stein’s Fish & Chip shop, a Deli, a Gift Shop and a Seafood Cooking School. Add to that several B&Bs… Read more

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