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Bound for South Australia – Fork on the Road

Food Trucks.  They’re like, you know, so March 2012.  In Sep 2012, Time Out declared the movement had seemed to ‘stop in it’s tracks’ and yet….  Fast forward to April 2013 and the inaugural Adelaide Food & Wine Festival had partnered up with Adelaide food collective Fork on the Road.  Fork on the Road brings together… Read more

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Peru – A Nation of Snackers

I wrote earlier about how much Limeans enjoy snacking.  This trend has continued on through Peru where every couple of hundred metres there’s a mobile vendor selling packaged drinks and snacks as well as more enterprising locals, selling whatever’s available.  In bigger towns and cities, vendors are licenced and take great pride on keeping their… Read more

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Empanadas on the Steps of the Spanish Inquisition

Living in Lima would suit me.  Limeans love to snack and so do I.  On every corner, in public spaces and along the streets, there are vendors selling a wonderful array of snacks.  Churros (mmm), Churritos (mini mmm), Ceviche, Popcorn, Buttered Corn (buttery mmm), stuffed bread rolls – they are all there for the taking… Read more

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