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In My Kitchen… March 2014

Welcome to TIFFIN’s new home.  Between travel for work, helping out with some project coordination, a weekend of camping and moving to the my new Blog home, there hasn’t been an awful lot of cooking or eating going on. So without further ado, here’s what’s happening this month   In my March kitchen… … are… Read more

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What Does $8.40 Buy You?

Who doesn’t love visiting the supermarket when they’re travelling overseas?  An opportunity to check out the local produce, smile at amusing names that are lost in translation and maybe a chance to buy some mystery items that weren’t what you were expecting.A few weeks ago I was able to go on one of these supermarket excursions without leaving… Read more

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A Few of My Favourite Things – Update!

And the good time just keep rolling.  Hot on the heels of the great news that Soreen is now available in Australia comes the fab news that Ryvita has started selling a number of flavours here, that I came to know and love in the UK.  Like most family businesses, Ryvita has been swallowed up… Read more

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A few of my favourite things – Update!

Just before I left the UK, I did a post about some of my favourite food items from local supermarkets that I would miss.  Well good news Anglophiles – Soreen has hit our shores!Just a reminder, Soreen is not a cold sore cream as I suggested or a brand of toilet paper as my mum… Read more

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Things Aren´t Always As They Appear

I´ve had the pleasure of visiting lots of supermercados in Spain including the national biggie Mercadona.  My favourites though are Eroski (just the name conjours up something exotic – sort of a Russian adult show) and Consum (conjouring up a vision of consumerism at it´s best).The other day I was wandering down the aisles of… Read more

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