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An Ottolenghi Weekend – Tahini Cookies

I have a confession to make. I love cooking. I’m great with savoury. I’m OK with desserts. I’m so so with baking. I’m terrible with biscuits (cookies). If you look back through my recipe posts, you’ll find only one for biscuits and even that’s for very basic Quinoa Crackers. I’ve talked before about the best bakers… Read more

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‘The Great Pumpkin’

Pumpkins are funny old things.  In the USA, they are relegated to carving at Halloween, overly sweetened pie at Thanksgiving and for decoration on front porches throughout New England. In the UK, the only time you ever see pumpkin is in insipid ‘Butternut Squash’ soup that always tastes like water or when someone such as… Read more

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