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TIFFIN kitchen

In My Kitchen… January 2016

New Year. New IMK Host. New Kitchen. Yes, finally I have my new kitchen. It was touch and go in the days leading up to Christmas but I’m not a Project Manager for nothing. Thanks to everyone who held their breath, stuck their tongue out and crossed their fingers that it would be ready in… Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2015

December is here. Yep. Reading this post if proof of that. I’m in the weird twilight world of thinking about Christmas cooking but as yet unable to make it a reality. We are supposed to be hosting Christmas this year and whilst I’m optimistic that our renovation will be done by then, until the last… Read more

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In My Makeshift Kitchen … November 2015

Here I am, back for another In My Kitchen hosted by ever baking friend Celia, from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial. Unfortunately, my kitchen doesn’t exist this month. It is now history. Kicked the bucket. It is an ex-kitchen! The long awaited renovation has started which means I am left without a kitchen as we live in… Read more

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Peanut Butter & Ginger Builder’s Biscuits Recipe

Regular readers will know that the TIFFIN kitchen and surrounds are in renovation mode. After waiting a long time for building to commence, we were unexpectedly catapulted ahead of schedule. Every day for the past few weeks our builder, Robert and his trusty assistant Mario, have been visiting the house on a daily basis preparing… Read more

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In My Kitchen… September 2015

Spring has sprung and it’s about time! Whilst it hasn’t been a very cold winter in Brisbane, we had two extra chilly weeks to make up for the rest of the season and they was quite enough thanks very much. As things warm up, salads have already started appearing on the menu and will be… Read more

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Pantry of Dreams – Random Recipes #35

This is my last post for the year and last Random Recipes for the year. At such a busy time of year, Dom from Belleau Kitchen has let us off the hook by challenging us to ‘Dare to Bare’. Rather than a recipe, we have been asked to photograph our food cupboards and pantries. To… Read more

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