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In My Kitchen… June (yes June!) 2015

The title of the post says it all really. Just as I was about to start writing this, I saw a cheeky tweet from New York Magazine about what Netflix will have on offer at Christmas. Christmas!? We’re not quite at that end of the year yet but some television producer is on to it… Read more

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The Lunchbox & Gujarati Potatoes

Last week a friend gave us tickets to see the film, The Lunchbox. Well of course, this was the perfect movie for TIFFIN to attend as it’s about her namesake, the tiffin box or, lunchbox. It’s a gentle story about Saajan and Ila who connect with each other through a rare mix up by the dabbawalas… Read more

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Tiffin at the Club – That’s ‘At’ not ‘In’

What Club, I hear you ask?  The Club I seem to have spent most of my most time in.  Not Mannequin’s Partyhouse at the old Treasury Hotel as you may think, but the Qantas Club.  I travel a lot for work and  consequently spend a lot of time in the QC.  I know all of… Read more

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