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In My Kitchen… February 2019

Bang! February is here. After a lovely six months off work, where we went on three different holidays (Europe, Thailand, Tasmania), I have started a new contract with the Qld Government. This means being super organised for lunches and dinners, rather than just wandering around the house and deciding on a whim, what to cook… Read more

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It’s National Op Shop Week in Australia. We are all encouraged to donate, shop and support op shops as part of helping the community and reducing out footprint. This could not have been more perfectly timed as I have just returned from a week in Bargara, near Bundaberg where I unearthed several treasures. I’ve written… Read more

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Tupperware – For Any Occasion

I went to our friend’s wedding a few weeks ago and watched as he revelled in joining the big Sicilian family of his bride.  After the speeches, the cake was cut and home made Italian Dolce were distributed including delightful almond cookies and fabulous Torrone (or Turron).  I worked the room, moving from table to… Read more

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