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I really missed Random Recipes in September as Dom from Belleau Kitchen took a mini break. He obviously spent that time concocting one of his more difficult RRs for us.  This time, the theme is ‘local ingredient’. That might seem easy but it can be a little tricky. Is local, ‘Must be from the neighbourhood’? Cue… Read more

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Winny St Crop Swap

I know what you’re thinking.  Winny Blues.  This Winny is actually short for Winstanley St at Carindale and it’s the venue for the monthly Crop Swap run by local urban permaculture specialist, food security warrior and all round nice guy ‘Green’ Dean.  Dean has turned his suburban yard into an amazing advertisement for permaculture, organic… Read more

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Happy Little Vegemite

OK – last post for the year so I want it to reflect holiday spirit and Summer fun.  Here we go….I love chips.  Love, love, love them.  So, I never buy them because they wouldn’t stay in the cupboard long and they’re just so bad for you (but delicious!).  I made a rare impulse buy… Read more

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A few of my favourite things

It’s nearly time to to leave This Sceptered Isle and squeeze myself into a sardine tin for the long haul back to Australia.  This last week is a chance to re-visit some new favourites, before supply is cut off.Fig, date & grains bio yoghurt – the name says it all really.  This delicious Morrisons own… Read more

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