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In My Kitchen… January 2016

New Year. New IMK Host. New Kitchen. Yes, finally I have my new kitchen. It was touch and go in the days leading up to Christmas but I’m not a Project Manager for nothing. Thanks to everyone who held their breath, stuck their tongue out and crossed their fingers that it would be ready in… Read more

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Strawberry & Rosemary Shrub

‘Would you like a Rum & Shrub?’ Aunty Marjorie enquired. ‘A Rum & What?’ I said. ‘A Rum & Shrub’ ‘What’s a shrub?’ I asked. ‘A shrub is well….a shrub…a drink.’  ‘I’ve never heard of it. Is it a shrub and you add rum or is it an all in one?’ ‘It’s a shrub’ she… Read more

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