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Sweet Swap 2014 – Butterscotch Brazil Nuts

If you are part of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ brigade, back away from this post now. By the time you get to the end, your whole exterior will be lightly dusted in sugar crystals and if the sugar high doesn’t kill you, the fat content will finish you off. For the rest of you sensible people… Read more

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This month, ‘The Choice is Yours’, Dom from Belleau Kitchen suggests.  He’s asked us to ‘go back to the very beginning’ when Random Recipes first started.  Recipe selection in the first RR challenge was simplicity itself ‘pick & point’.  As I didn’t participate in the early RRs, this is a chance to go back to… Read more

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When Life Gives You Lemons…..

It’s been a busy week in the Camp Hill kitchen. I have had lots of unexpected guests and on Tuesday, I was casting around, looking at what was left in the fridge and cupboard that could feed six on short notice. One thing I did have was a grove of lemons. It’s like that with… Read more

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