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TIFFIN Goes To Market

In her bite sized food adventures, TIFFIN has visited markets far and wide. Some have been huge and others have only had a few stalls. Regional specialities, fresh produce and exotic delicacies, all there for the tasting. Railway bridges, food trucks, souks and sunsets. Grab your basket and visit some of these markets with TIFFIN.


City Farm Buyers
Barossa Valley – Ziegenmarkt Darwin – Mindil Beach Sunset Markets
Barossa Valley – Yalumba Harvest Market Darwin – Rapid Creek Produce Market
Perth – Twilight Hawkers Market Norfolk Island – NI Farmer’s Market
Perth – City Farm Farmer’s Market  Brisbane – Powerhouse Farmers Market
Ziegemarkt Auction pair 1


Stone Farmer’s Market – Staffordshire

Kipper Smokehouse Pair


Noisette, March Blvd Grenelle



Dordogne – Issigeac Sunday Market Barcelona – Mercat Boqueria
Paris – Marche’ 15e Peniscola – 4pm Fish Market
 Penicola pair


 Syria, Damascus - spice souk 3
Syria – Damascus Grand Bazaar & Aleppo Souk Turkey – Lokum at the Istanbul Spice Bazaar
Peaches in Croatia - so good the wasps were swarming

Peaches in Croatia – so good the wasps were swarming

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