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I’d love you to work with me. TIFFIN bite sized food adventures provides a perfect channel to showcase your product, service, event or experience. Partnering with me provides you not only with access to my readers and listeners but also to my growing social media networks. I am a Brisbane based writer with readers and followers all over the world.

I’m interested in working with growers and producers, restaurants and venues, destination and travel specialists, food and equipment manufacturers and distributors, companies and individuals who align to TIFFIN’s energetic and entertaining approach to bite sized food and travel adventures. This may be in the form of:

  • sponsored/paid posts on TIFFIN
  • freelance writing for industry magazines, journals, newsletters or websites
  • food/travel events or famils
  • contributing to market research and product development
  • guest blogging on company websites & posts via social media
  • developing itineraries or leading food themed travel experiences
  • public speaking at conferences and festivals

The world is our oyster…  Some of the companies I have partnered with include

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Published & Awards
In 2014 I won the SA Writers Centre & Food Bloggers Award for ‘Food/Travel Narrative’ with my piece ‘Norfolk Island – Foraging’. After years of writing and working constantly on improving my blog and brand, this is high praise indeed. I’m thrilled. I am also in the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Wed Archive as a blog of cultural significance.

I am a regular contributor to the influential website ‘Hospitality 21’, sponsors of the international travel writers and bloggers conference TBEX. Visit my page on the Hospitality 21 site to see my published work. www.hospitality21.com/tiffinbitesized

Public Speaking
As if eating, drinking and writing about food and travel isn’t enough, I also love to talk about it. During 2015, I had a regular afternoon radio segment on Fairfax Macquarie’s 4BC talking about food trends, cooking and food related events. This included discussion with listeners who rang in with questions or comments.

I also speak on a regular basis on ‘Eat The Week’ on 612 ABC local radio, Australia’s national broadcaster. Sample podcasts of these conversations are available via enquiry.

TIFFIN – An Equal Opportunity Blogger
I am a firm believer in social equity and conscience. The world is an amazing place full of different people with different points of view. We can’t always agree but we can certainly be open to the views and ideas of others and reflect on this. Whilst this blog is not a political platform, it is important that you understand my values. When I work with a company or brand, I like to ensure that it aligns with my own brand values. There have been times when I have said ‘no’ to working with a brand as their products would not suit my readership or due to a misalignment in values. Of course, most of the time, it is a firm ‘yes’!

A media kit with my credentials, brands I have worked with and schedule of fees is available upon request. Appropriate remuneration or compensation is based on the nature, size and length of the engagement. Discussion is welcome.

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Disclosure Policy

  • All content on TIFFIN is my intellectual property. I reference, credit and provide links to other sites and people who have influenced my posts. All photos are TIFFIN’s own unless otherwise credited.
  • When I receive an invitation to attend an event, I clearly indicate this with an asterisk* at the start of the post and clearly state this at the bottom of the post so that you know I am the guest of someone else.
  • All paid posts include a link to the sponsors website. This is a ‘no follow‘ link in compliance with Google’s Page Rank policy.
  • All affiliate links are mentioned at the end of a post with an asterisk* and full disclosure that I will receive commission from any purchase made via the affiliate link.
  • There are times when I will write, promote or tweet about an event that has been brought to my attention by a publicist or 3rd party.  I will make this association clear on my blog. Social media posts will be hashtagged with #Media or #Hosted, to foster transparency.
  • Eating Out – when I am a guest at a restaurant, bar or venue and have the opportunity to select from the menu, I choose the items I would typically order if I was paying for the meal myself. Sometimes it’s a small meal, sometimes it’s a mix of dishes, sometimes it’s cocktails, other times wine. As tempted as I am to sample to most expensive Champagne on offer or to see just how many oysters is too many oysters, I respect my hosts and their generous offer to welcome me into their venue at their own expense. Invitations for a +1 are always welcome so I can enjoy the experience with Mr Tiffin.
  • Travel – I love to travel! Who doesn’t? We all have a story of our favourite destination or meal; a war story about a terrible bus or train trip; a missed connection or chance encounter; a dream about our next destination. I’m a seasoned traveller with 44 countries under my belt but I’m always planning for the next trip. Long or short, far flung or local, I welcome being invited to savour your travel experience and to then write about it. Although I know it is not always possible to do so, invitations for a +1 are always welcome so I can enjoy the experience with Mr Tiffin.
  • You are welcome to contact me regarding product reviews however this does not mean that a) I will review your product, even if you have sent me a sample or, b) that you are guaranteed a positive review. I will provide an honest opinion of your product or service. Discussion regarding remuneration is welcome.
  • If I write about a product that was provided to either a) review or, b) sample – I will clearly state this at the bottom of the post.
  • In the event that I receive payment for writing a blog post, I will clearly state this at the bottom of the post. I use the hashtag #media or hosted on social media.

Please contact me at tiffinbitesized(at)yahoo.com if you have any questions about me or my blog. A media kit and schedule of fees is available upon request.

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